Obligations in accordance with high standards of construction

Using economic globalization along with regional economic implementation to promote the Yiwu market has steadily become an important software for foreign merchandise to enter the China's market, and entrepot trade. yiwu fair  According to rudimentary statistics, at present, Yiwu has imported merchandise business entities 873, located in the Intercontinental Trade City, Huangyuan market, Nongmao Cheng, international home town, market place supplies and other spots. Yiwu market is suffering from from "buy country wide goods, selling things the country" for you to "buy global products, selling global goods" Dynasty.


To meet the brand new demands of change, Yiwu has made "accelerate urban transformation in addition to development" a major judgement, would Yiwu in a "city strategy,Yiwu market  influenced by international industry and prosperity, World-wide Logistics smooth, development and vitality leaked, the City integrated development" in international buy and sell DC, highlighting the newest Silk Road, Brand-new Port land, "three New" Branch creativity District planning as well as construction. Yiwu Attached Logistics Center (B) is an important new portion of dry ports.


Nowadays, Yiwu municipal govt attaches great relevance to a straight Yiwu Bonded Logistics Facility (B type) job to promote the Udemærket building as safety measures and consolidate the roll-out of regional logistics Altitudes, yiwu market map  deep push in the important task Yiwu International Trade involving comprehensive reform. Considering that January 29 this current year, the State General Government of Customs, Ministry of Finance, Point out Administration of Taxation, Administration of Forex trading and other four ministries officially approved the actual establishment of Yiwu bonded logistics facility (B) since, Yiwu accordance with the "overall planning, step by step, very well the idea, adhere to a superior starting point, high normal construction, high productivity propulsion, with a number of months to complete the particular commissioning of a venture and the construction of knowledge systems, we noticed that the approval, construction season, when completed, subsequently acceptance, full attached logistics Center (B) construction of "Yiwu speed. "