Obligation Building

Done cross-border e-commerce company park Beiyuan clerk Xu Liqin begins to get busy, the girl took just as masterfully packaged overseas purchases, invoices and insert...... Xu Liqin declared this year, yiwu cafe  with the main cross-border Yiwu web platform construction as well as improvement of their self-confidence in cross-border commerce en ligne is more engaged right here enough, business gets prosperous.


Yiwu carefully around the "New Cotton Road, the new beginning point" development direction, strengthening multimodal transportation, and actively incorporate into the national "along the way" technique, to speed up the actual "Silk Road Online" construction. In the very first half of this year, Yiwu market  cross-border supervision of logistics platform for worldwide mail exchange workplaces and other steadily. Underneath the direct care associated with Premier Li Keqiang, the strong assistance of the provincial federal government and relevant condition ministries and commission rates under the General Management of Customs, their state Post Bureau, Tiongkok Post Group Company has officially accepted the establishment regarding Zhejiang Yiwu global mail since 06 1, 2015 swap offices and channels, Yiwu become right after Hangzhou and Wenzhou cities in our state to establish a third intercontinental mail exchange office buildings and stations.


Presently, Yiwu international email exchange offices is actually accelerating the changeover areas and cross-border supervision platform building of an international logistics shipment monitoring middle, yiwu city china  cross-border e-commerce (9610) supervision center. The actual project is located within the west side Municipal Aviation Road, grabbed the building on the southern side, a property area of 14, 617 square meters, closet of 10, 022 square meters, which 4320 square yards office of trade for international postal mail and international show mail monitoring centre 2851 square feets, the cross-border electric business monitoring facility 2851 square metres, a total investment of approximately 30 million yuan. Listing to sell the particular land currently being dealt with according to the procedure, the entire plane functional design demonstration has been completed, the continuing construction design sketches, construction in mid-July.