He won the first list the obligations of e-commerce

} BUENOS AIRES Recently, Alibaba Team Research Center launched the first domestic web research report Areas. The report information that Chinese commerce en ligne is in the county phase of the rapid increase of e-commerce for your county's economic as well as social development of the actual emerging strategic worth. Report for the first time released the "2013 China's e-commerce development PARKnSHOP county" list, that ranked first within Yiwu, yiwu market map Yongkang and also Haining, ranked 2nd and third. Zhejiang most nominated "electricity supplier PARKnSHOP region, " the number of 1949. Jiangsu, Fujian, correspondingly, 14 counties along with 13 finalists.

The actual report shows, based on county and towns nationwide e-commerce advancement index, Hong Kong in addition to Macao outside almost all provinces, municipalities as well as autonomous counties progress electronic commerce could be divided into six-tier, that is the first echelon associated with Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Beijing, Tianjin It constitutes the 2nd tier. The first and also second echelon apparent advantages,Yiwu market  taking the five network operators catalog, the index from the top six buying on the web, e-commerce and its state development index is a lot higher than the third in order to sixth echelon, displaying a net companies and online shopping "comprehensive development, comprehensive top "feature.

Ali Investigation Center found which e-commerce development type of counties was right now "mode and varied, distinctive" feature. yiwu restaurant Through the characteristics of the business point of view, the "Trade lead type" (such as Yiwu), "Made in lead type" (such as Yongkang); from the point of view of maturation, the "network providers leading style" (eg Shucheng), the "online shopping leading kind "(such as Dunhuang).