Obligation courier industry growing

CALIFORNIA Yiwu express marketplace continue to maintain the super fast development momentum the 2010 season: from January to help June total provider package of just about 400 million, yiwu market guide a raise of 55%. This can be equivalent to last year's January-August traffic, even though business volume in the year 2014.

Local express the highest single-month record high. The data shows that in Could delivery hit monthly record high, declaring 82. 27 zillion, the highest peak with Japan exceeded 500 million. First half the business volume along with Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Yiwu market  Dongguan ranks the top eight. Median is a ex- national average charge per courier small business volume of 50 locations in the lowest, originating from a reflection of the energy supplier logistics fee Yiwu has a robust competitive advantage, in addition to promoting electricity workers entrepreneurs stay in Yiwu and growing.

Cross-border delivery of maintained high growth through 150%. Yiwu exhibit industry positive "outward" development, Yiwu foreign mail exchange locations handling capacity greater from 73, 000 to start a day first to the current 200, 000 a day or so, often the cross-border shipment with the first half of the acquired messages break by 30 million, attaining 31 million, a of 150%. Yiwu Map  When the Post's best growing international package business grew 210%. Postal give whole play to the key channel of cross-border e-commerce as movement.