Yiwu sector smart kitchen

Can help cost of share change. Enterprises need to transform due to the transfer associated with shares of real estate investment and land is used for production managing and actual control over people do not adjust, do not adjust typically the land transfer. With regards to actual control doesn't change, the party due to the share change requires the shift of assets (including land, real estate, take a trip, stock, etc . ), changes in equity portion relates to the actual monthly payment of taxes community contribution, and by a competent practitioner qualified marketing firm audit improvements increase profits along with generating local taxation contribution,Yiwu market giving completely bonus. Enterprises inside share reform for you to undistributed profits in addition to surplus reserves documented capital, according to the specific provisions of the particular income tax paid by means of local contributions, supply a 100% bonus. Corporations share reform to help expand the scale regarding capital to create strategic investors, including after the completion of often the share reform is absolutely not listed on the transfer involving shares and other operates occurred, the actual income tax paid local info, giving 100% extra.


Carry out the show reform of shown back-up enterprises 5 various fiscal policies. Ahead of the company three years to carry out share reform the exact payment of income tax (including corporate tax assessment, VAT, personal tax and other taxes, precisely the same below) the average as being the base, from the corporations to complete share change since the year, more than base part of the neighborhood contribution the first four years to give a 100 % bonus, 50% immediately after 2 years to give benefits. This opinion is over before the implementation on the share reform connected with enterprises, the company with 2013, 2014, 2015 the average tax basically paid as the basic, the implementation with the five-year fiscal help support policies from 2016 onwards