Yiwu establishments to upgrade

Neighborhood conditions to the guidelines of the city's public insurance (except do the job injury insurance to realize full coverage outside) put step by step implementation. "We first through insurance plan advocacy, and information enterprises to the urban center and province residence registration skilled individuals, management staff for a priority focus of the actual insured, the more capable people to stay in small business, stay in Yiwu, a new move that appreciably reduce the pressure with enterprises to promote the particular transformation and improving of enterprises progress. Next, we are material and garment marketplace, foreign trade,Yiwu market circulation, e-commerce and other market sectors and enterprises to social security rates were investigated and also model analysis to look for the proportion of companies and enterprises confirming an average gross paycheck of less than the automotive market average level of typically the enterprise, and little by little move closer to the market average, effectively boosting the fair along with equitable social safety charges paid by simply businesses. Meanwhile, to raise the policy direction, the social safety measures charges paid by means of enterprises included in the complete evaluation of give and market professional spaces Merchants shell out taxes fees studies. "Municipal Finance in addition to Taxation staff.


In the end of last year, often the city's social security and safety five insurance investment accumulated surplus involving 15. 2 tera- yuan, the basic retirement living insurance fund could pay capacity connected with 59 months. To help expand reduce costs, the city as the province just one step ahead, to meet up with the city's manufacturing structure adjustment course,Yiwu Jewelry Market according to insurance companies fork out temporary fall a couple of months of basic insurance contribution rate sections; reduced unemployment insurance policies, maternity insurance rates, rates by business units harm after resort price cut for each purchase to figure out floating rate, management and business rate of societal security contributions inside province at a somewhat low level. According to reports, this year is estimated for enterprises to cut back social security prices 100 million yuan or more.