Yiwu large-scale strength market

Examine group first located town for new vitality vehicles · Side car. New electricity vehicles in Jinhua City, a small area located in the location end of the suburbia, Jinhua Economic in addition to Technological Development Sector, the new energy auto industry park as the main, with a total area area of 3. a few square kilometers. At this time, the town is a good traction of development, nouveau modele has now, investment with fixed assets totaled more than 4. 6 billion yuan. Take the opportunity for progress new energy autos in the town structure, Jinhua Economic as well as Technological Development Region, go all out to manufacture a contract year,Yiwu market if started, when development of "Hua Keqi track. " Inside full swing with the China Branch automotive production workshop, case study group members usually are advanced production technological know-how, standardized production operations of the shock, we are said, to learn from project planning, development and other advanced aspects, experiences and techniques, promote industrial rearrangement, reshuffling and upgrading our economy.

Subsequently, the study set came to the town involving Le · Upper (Jinhua) Science and also Technology Park. Lele town through business restructuring, integration along with development of space information form guide to the online world entertainment industry in addition to business students as being the main industry, the creation of public a space, makes use of the "Internet entertainment,Yiwu Wholesale Market pupils venture happiness" for any development of the jar, to create a new growth engine. In the N . (Jinhua) Technology Park your car site, a college university student public a space to draw in the attention of the participants of the delegation, we feel that the use of the previous plant transformation connected with Peking University (Jinhua) Science Park Project atmosphere, not only to mature a large number of college students get started their own businesses, but further promote manufacturing agglomeration, industrial advancement and industrial improving.

During the inspection, Sheng Qiuping noted, Yiwu Jinhua Economic as well as Technological Development Zoom, is worth learning to advertise economic development and also upgrade and so on. Metropolis should further unify their thinking, elevate awareness, and increase sit still,yiwu nightlife and for that reason may not, can not manage to slow good sense of urgency along with crisis, and absorb investment selection, undertaking construction work. To advance strengthen their assurance, according to the annual desired goals and tasks, as a way to seize the day, conviction do the work. To help expand emancipate the mind, develop their horizons, in search of gaps, filled small board, strengthen invention, and platform distinct, and vigorously showcase economic restructuring in addition to development. To be a excellent business, "waiter" surrounding the land, capital, staff members and other problems, offering a full range of expert services, to create the best setting for enterprise progress.