Yiwu market prosperity is essential

Sheng Qiuping his voisinage came to national street construction projects logistics center in Hk, an international e-commerce town construction, logistics recreation area project is located northeast justice field as well as International Trade Town, watching the picture, seek planning, looking for a breakthrough, comprehensive look at the construction improvement of project execution, and provide guidance. In the forum, listen to the kind of units, after revealing enterprises, Sheng Qiuping pointed out that the only way in order to accelerate the change is to ensure the actual prosperity and progress the market, to positively butt "along the particular way" strategy, concentrate on market size, contact form, format, innovative suggestionsYiwu Wholesale Market, to create five star flag ship market, to promote the entire integration of offline and online, import export associated with highly interactive, item demonstrations and living experience full incorporation, accelerate the development of typically the electricity business logistics and financial, social and creative RODENTS tourism, truly reveal the domestic marketplace of new formats, often the commerce brand extra so thoroughly, to perform the fine features of Yiwu.



Sheng Qiuping stressed that one of the most important market within transition to catch the current most important need to deepen the research of the difficulties encircling the hot, tackling to be able to break. To improve the actual regulation of trade industry purchases, and growing the ability of financial solutions, improve trade aide, optimize the business atmosphere; electricity providers ought to focus on the logistics chain, highlighting the item supply, platform assistance, operational services, along with other aspects of warehouse area, increase policy help,Yiwu market to break the limitations factors, and strive to develop ecosystems to adjust electricity supplier logistics development; prison must locate, recruit large business cited powerful providers, both taking a look at the stars, but also nice, benchmarking advanced places, the latest policy, educate the successful encounter to the first-class requirements, to attract and develop a number of leading corporations; to develop cross-border web, focusing on steady development in foreign industry breakthrough, further increase the production chain, buy and sell and value stores, promote the modification and upgrading regarding foreign trade, the particular consolidation of Yiwu strategic position inside international trade.