Yiwu promising technology sector

"The first generation generation line to produce solely cover 80 for each minute, the second-generation manufacturing line can produce 250 cap per minute...... now is the best sixth-generation production brand, can produce 3000 deal with every minute. " Release chairman Luo Libo from the first-generation development line to the 6th generation production wrinkles,Yiwu market production efficiency has been enhanced by 36. five times. Productivity and strengthen production capacity, along with the easy source of technologies over the years importance to help technological innovation are unido.

Each year, Yi Origin Technology unshakeable probably come up with less than 3% of sales profit costs for the engineering. As Luo Libo said, the more often the economic downturn, the more know-how should not be relaxed. Naturally , the building of party technology center is a core of research research each year. It can be understood that complex Yi Source Technological know-how Center from it has the inception in 95, has accumulated over 60 million yuan investment in appliance, and this platform put in at home to boost source technological innovation successfully developed many years of easy start core manufacturing devices.Yiwu Map Currently, the engineering center has in excess of 100 full-time methodical and technical staff members in 2003 seemed to be identified as provincial-level technological know-how center in 2014, it has been successfully defined as provincial Enterprise Company.

As the only distinct research and progress with easy-open stop technology, easy available end products and major production equipment volume of enterprises, Yi source technology has created 86 national patents in these areas, who have 12 patents, chaired or participated inside development of (Amendment) state (industry) standard six to eight. 2013, Yi Reference Technology has also been seen as the first batch connected with national IPR very helpful enterprises and the status yiwu fair"enterprise intellectual residence management practices" training course outstanding enterprises.