Yiwu city fiscal discipline

Thoroughly manifest the value of assets. A comprehensive evaluation on the effectiveness of mu class, high-tech organization and the completion of often the share reform for being listed companies, detailed companies to mature and nurture completely new three board stated companies clan area, existing buildings into the ground of the guideline of reasonable preparation, allowing it to be separated Rush (after trademark of each to be at the most 15 acres). ---Yiwu market "On the issuance of easing the duty of financial support to get industrial development 15 opinions (Trial)"

Appropriate for: Yiwu city fiscal discipline, can give benefits normally do comprehensive evaluation with the relationship between credit history and nonclass A new enterprises C, Deborah national high-tech manufacturing enterprises; complete show reform to be shown companies,Yiwu Map listed corporations to cultivate in addition to nurture new several board listing entity.

Storage revenue growing for two consecutive several years, the enterprise received a solid year to taxes exceed twofold the amount of the college loan guarantee; storage profits growth of more than a couple consecutive years, metropolis average, and the provided solid corporate income tax paid three times with a year loan ensure amount; storage profit growth for three gradually yearsYiwu Airport, the party obtained a real 12-monthly tax paid inside of four times the number of the loan warranty; storage revenue for 3 consecutive years of regarding more than the city normal, the companies get paid a annual 5 times a lot less than the tax consumer credit loan guarantee.