Yiwu speedy growth in business level

All round weakness in the foreign trade business environment, upload pre-shipment traffic Sudan remains steady as well as rapid growth, the initial inspection department is usually more than two years of pre-shipment export Sudan insurance policy has been widely promoted, especially in Yiwu Sudan to carry out Chamber associated with Commerce normal change visits,Yiwu market effectively increasing the pre-shipment examination businessmen working in Sudan's influence; second could be the quality of goods Sudan administrations emphasis on bettering the quality of imported merchandise, customs clearance setup of more rigid policy.

In addition , Yiwu Inspection and Enclosure Bureau also told the majority of manufacturers and also traders: pay close attention to pre-shipment inspection policy, fair arrangements for assessment and process keeping track of equipment to avoid things fail to match, taking cases delays; Yiwu Wholesale Market  boost the learning standards throughout Sudan, to fully get a handle on Sudan demands about the quality of brought in goods, reject low quality goods and phony and shoddy products damage the image regarding Chinese-made; to strengthen the product quality control of exports, not necessarily luck, returned so in order to avoid unnecessary failures occur.