Yiwu city modification

CALIFORNIA June 27, often the newspaper "supervision station" column on the backside door of the lodge along the Silver Water II lane along with take the private house, mixed rain in addition to sewage, food squander sewage directly into this grate issues these exposure. Report publicized in the paper this day,Yiwu market Fukuda Lane office immediate steps, organizers of the again door of the hotel room along the Silver Coastal II conducted wellbeing campaigns.


June 28 morning, the correspondent once again came in close proximity to 1187 workers 2 Yinhai Road, look at canopy of this place have been closed away from, the staff members implementing the streets Fukuda hotel every residence debris carried rear door cleanup. It can be reported that recently,yiwu fair the staff every day to help site remediation, expected the store owner to use private kitchen taken away, and has more than one month damaged sewage manhole cover replaced new, so rainwater passes into the sewage very well.