Yiwu take a trip safer

To provide better service to guests, an increase of Yiwu railway station office and security staff members. "In fact, from end of July, the number of passengers boosts significantly, especially in Yiwu, more migrant individuals, formed a large summer months visiting relatives. micron Yiwu station team said, "We can therefore increase desks staff 4 persons, and every day, 18 volunteers passenger provider.Yiwu market "reporters in front of the safety measures apparatus, within the plane ticket hall, waiting bedroom, the service workplace can be seen wearing a new red vest volunteers who guide readers find ticket vent, passengers with little ones to help carry bags, the railway rail station has become a beautiful landscaping.


At the same time, Yiwu driver stations in order to assure safe travel, boosting the security forces, inside original 71 judging by an additional 41 people who are employed in the security industry. "With the G20 summit approaching, Hangzhou, Yiwu station will probably further strengthen security and safety work before the stop of July greater three security technology. From August just one, passing through or heading in Hangzhou, Hangzhou,Yiwu Wholesale Market passengers will be second screening. " Performing staff to tell the traveling open, preferably 1 hour to arrive at the station forward, so as not to have an impact on travel.