Yiwu health insurance technique reform

Beginning today, the city began to carry out a number of new Treatment regulations Deal. Standard out-patient can be refunded in the annual particular base aspect, standard medical insurance increased through 1000-2000 yuan, typically the urban and non-urban residents in the essential medical insurance large regular increased from 1000-1600 yuan, small common increased from 800-1200 yuan; reimbursement rate, basic medical insurance along with basic medical insurance intended for urban and farm residents may be paid for base 1000 yuan (inclusive) reimbursement,Yiwu market Cities Center hospital enhanced from 52-55%, various other hospitals increased coming from 18-25%. After the change can be reimbursed bottom part quota increase compensation to further improve the basic health care insurance where the base involving 1000-2000 by Neighborhoods Center Hospital 70 percent and 50% on the proportion of the different hospital reimbursement; metropolitan and rural inhabitants basic medical insurance might be reimbursed 1000 yuan more than the base percentage (base 1000-1600 yuan reimbursement of large, smaller base can be returned between 1000-1200 yuan) press Towns Facility hospital 60% some other 40% the amount of hospital repayment.


In absolute words, the basic medical insurance payment from the original 520 yuan up to 1250 yuan to improve city and rural occupants in the basic health insurance large standard greatest reimbursement from the first 520 yuan increased to 910 yuan, a small increase in the original standard refund up to 416 yuan to 670 yuan. In addition ,Yiwu Weather the increase throughout outpatient treatment righteousness college students to engage in urban and countryside residents to enjoy fundamental medical insurance for students standard out-patient treatment as outlined by co-ordinate large criteria.