Yiwu market food safe practices

Within the macro level, Yiwu Market Development Assistance Center Co., Limited. Headquarters responsible for meals safety supervision and also management department involving safety, guidance, analysis work in state-owned urban and farm markets generally proven food safety management, market access process for commodity market place the intensity connected with food into the gross sales ledger system, second-rate goods market delisting system, the market get management system, food basic safety "front" fully popped,Yiwu market heavy attack time and again, for the public "safety tongue" erected a new Road "safety world wide web. "


On the one hand, Yiwu Market Development Provider Center Co., Limited. focus on food protection awareness training along with business households reliability education, through the "scoring" system, strengthen administration and management of farmers market vendors act, once small business operators violate foods safety management system will likely be photographed market managing department, points more than prescribed qualifying ranking, then it take those appropriate punishment; conversely, in order to ensure that all of agricultural sources, often the flow can be followed back, Yiwu sector development service Heart Co., Ltd. each one is equipped with a growers market electronic present equipment,Yiwu Map food assessment information disclosure in addition to management of person information, and foodstuff traceability system smooth integration, so that individuals always oversees meal safety, so that the area opened a huge covered supervision network.