Yiwu sector high quality

State demonstration project to enhance the modernization connected with housing industry is the state's important deployment, to help declare the job has a high limit and requirements. · Lotus Pond Nearby mall Yiwu to become the primary national demonstration venture, its roots inside planning and layout to a high typical, high-quality, and try really hard to introducing energy saving, territorial, environmental protection along with new technologies, completely new materials,Yiwu market new technology purposes and improve non commercial use science along with technology in practice, for any residents to bring a larger quality of life experience, in addition to ultimately come to typically the fore a number of domestic projects in Yiwu, Yiwu has become the standard of quality of life.


Shopping center real estate was established with 1994, more than 19 years, the company always keep to "lead the life, to try the future, " often the core concept of "people-oriented, customer satisfaction, for the urban center graced" product notion, the quality of Societe Diffuso, to manage the city legislature, positive to promote territorial industrial upgrading homes and urban dwelling environment improvement. · The Lotus Lake Mall is the customs of quality gene mall.Yiwu Sourcing Agent In addition to the toughness of the brand, the undertaking is also invited top quality Australian landscape style and design team Lotus Water-feature featuring planning, to manufacture a four axle lawn courtyard garden. To ensure the culmination of do the job, won the "national demonstration project" accreditation, is truly.