Yiwu condolences party activities

Recently morning, party admin Sheng Qiuping watershed came West Neighborhood Village, condolences towards the old party people before the founding Chen milk. This year 91-year-old Chen milk throughout 1943 to join the actual party, has the 8th brigade, gold Xiao detachment participated with armed resistance, the actual body still challenging. Chen Sheng Qiuping milk came property,Yiwu market the elderly and spoke, asked them with regards to his health and living. Sheng Qiuping stated, before the founding on the old Party users are a valuable advantage, our pride, jeopardizing his own life from the revolutionary war, within peace-building period to the construction of endeavours to offer Yiwu, offered to our happy existence today, and the celebration Government will never ignore your achievements. Sheng Qiuping Party companies at all levels along with relevant departments to remain to care about the excellent old party lifestyle, trying to resolve the particular practical difficulties that they encounter, to make their very own lives happier. Separating, Sheng Qiuping inquired the elderly take care of by themselves, wish him health and longevity, aging.


Sheng Qiuping generally known as on condolences for the late Zhou Feng municipal outstanding communism families. In the home involving Zhou Feng, Sheng Qiuping Xie Zhoufeng parents feel delicious for the party discerning a son, in addition to open solution they should be strong, in order to encourage them to turn despair into strength, self confidence, overcome difficulties,Yiwu Map typically the courage to face lifetime. Sheng Qiuping mentioned Zhou Feng is a perfect firm, austerity, erect, good people Attention Party, the home town party members as well as cadres in rare fine, Zhou Feng accomplishments touching, inspiring, event members will call up the city Zhou Feng cadres to learn to be able to Comrade Zhou Feng as an example, conscientious, challenging, solid work for often the transformation of the city's reform and make credited contributions.