Development of demonstrations kept in Yiwu

Yuan Jiajun the land, "four teams" both equally emergency power structure fully affirmed the effort, that the work echos the innovative energy of play, showing the importance of the run after science and technological know-how of the times, sending the excellent skills super fast response. He sleepless that the current along with future periods, typically the province should "four teams" of equally emergency response power building in a popular position, to build a functional complex, in a position and effective, cross-relieving fist force throughout carry out difficult and threatening task play a wider role. To highlight pluripotent construction, Yiwu market and strive to a new team of multi-functional, to improve the overall specialized; to highlight the normal development, to ensure that personnel into position rate, and strengthen rapid mobilization capabilities; to highlight the specialist ranks, creating fists force, improve the specialized disposal capacity; to the office effectively do the job, high standards as well as the task of building state defense reserve allows, making escort G20, building peace with Zhejiang combat workforce, propaganda teams, do the job teams and skilled teams.


It is claimed that the exercise test activities, is the area of the military concentration "peacetime service, urgent response time, to help fight the world war, " the general prerequisites, to promote cohesion militia and reserve drive building emergency improvement of specific attempts. Across the province,Yiwu City  in excess of 200 military in addition to civilian representatives into the scene to observe the anti-terrorism stability maintenance is a subject of the armed service exercise and painting board, display devices, the military training, the more than 12 militia emergency competitors from Jinhua areas (cities, districts) just about a thousand members unveiled emergency action, often the Guard training, mutual violence and other some subjects exercise.