Yiwu imports promotional exercises

It can be reported that the Meal Festival by the consistorial government support, Cina International Tourism along with Culture Exchange Heart hosted Weilaizhixing Beijing Oriental Culture Transmission Co., Ltd. in addition to Yiwu Jicheng Sector Development Co., building contractors. The event will Yiwu traditional culture, intercontinental cuisine, domestic homemade wine,Yiwu market liquor, beer, Yiwu tourism and other features together, to build foreign cuisine event, it'll be portrayed as Yiwu Imported Goods detailed brand promotion activities.

The meal Festival main routines are: National championship crayfish cooking master Huang Bo personally information cooking lobster repast; German beer lounge, Brazilian barbecue, Korean language, Russian beer gathering, Yiwu Hotels Thai snacks, veggie India, Taiwan, vegan, barbecue, Yiwu areas composed of sumptuous food; Lina, Hao melody, smiling, Wu reported by the country, love including wheat, Hunan Sanxiang four, Liu Jiajun, Su flowers, Xie Lina, Xiangyun close friend, Fan Wenze, Fengjiao Jiao, Tao Xu, Herd, etc . movie star star singer to support out the party; the real thing painting artist dwell art exhibition photograph like.

During the meal festival, every day twenty: 00 start to the bottom of the day 12: one month, with tickets should be sent 2 pounds prawn, 2 bottles of wine or maybe a drink. Food Happening also held on-site support healthy feeding on regimen forum, fête master walked Yiwu taught to do dinners, Chinese vegetarian pros teach vegetarian eating plans, the Group spend less write "Yiwu food" and other interactive pursuits. If you would like to join come july 1st carnival,Yiwu Airport enjoy the as well as culture of allure, stay tuned organizers preparation of activities.