South Korea to help Yiwu market examine

Urban center leaders briefed everybody on the economic in addition to social development of Yiwu, Yiwu is now try really hard to promoting the counsel of fashion, equipment, facts, health and other six to eight strategic industries, and urban organic change and improve the level of quality of urban setting. The two sides anticipate to carry out extensive cohesiveness in Yiwu Korea to build a feature with the town is described as China and Southern region Korea trade, development, life and ecology in one. The N . Gyeongsang successfully completed commodity Hall Memorial of imported things, marking the reciproco cooperation into a completely new stage, hope to much more meaning to Korean language goods display, Yiwu market gross sales, and also welcomes far more Korean enterprises for you to justice in situ production, trade, gain mutual benefit win for everybody situation. Yiwu has to be good "waiter", giving opportunities for progress and platforms.


Wei Town, South Gumi delegations introduced the kind of circumstances. He claimed, Yiwu is a alluring city, especially by means of Japan and Sth Korea to attend often the seventeenth Friendship Locations Exchange Conference organised last year in Yiwu, to have a comprehensive idea of the city. Gyeongsangbuk great showcase merchandise with Yiwu, which indicates the two sides to realize a seamless fiscal exchanges. Korean corporations with strong complex force, Yiwu Weatherimprove the added in value of design functionality, we hope the two tips ongoing joint synergy in the future, so that considerably more high-quality goods are purchased worldwide through Yiwu.