Grasp the opportunity to come together to tackle

Qing Wang Xuan Yiwu pilot reform entirely affirmed the work. They pointed out that since the preliminary started, Yiwu a unique reality, elaborate courses around the theme of the actual pilot, to focus the project, co-ordinate all elements of power, orderly encourage the pilot function showing leadership consideration, a clear theme, important initial results and also other characteristics, especially in the structure of one of the brand-new foreign trade product market development process, to build one of the overseas trade market credit history supervision system, the particular establishment of large files applications, e-commerce record system, the enhancement of a typical practice circumstances. To promote the change pilot, Wang Xuan Qing requirements,Yiwu market  Yiwu should further enrich their understanding, typically the spirit not hold out to tackle challenging determination, grasping often the iron mark persistency, focus on highlighting the actual pilot theme, speed up market transformation as well as upgrading, within endorsing trade integration advancement as the main range through the pilot, the particular pilot reform using local economic and also social development method closely, in order to identify the pilot perform and planning duties, to promote innovation inside integrated development of international trade; to further abide by problem-oriented, seize the real key contradiction, precision docking, the right medicine, shock absorbing short board, properly enhance the relevance along with effectiveness of the initial; we must focus on institutional innovation, adherence on the "break" "Li" together, "Li" as the initial, legislation to change the system, established regulations, will penetrate in the spirit of the concept of law in any areas of reform, the full process;Yiwu Hotels  to further fortify co-promote, integrate most resources to strengthen co-ordination, good policy co-ordination, program co-ordination, durability, co-ordination, overall advancement, the formation of any joint effort involving reform; to strengthen summarizes formed replicable expertise can be extended to make certain the central develop a satisfactory answer.


Sheng Qiuping at deployment, stressed the crucial time the last 100 nights, the city should thoroughly control the "pilot program" of the brand under tasks, a clear duty to standard demands, insist the aim, the crucial breakthrough. To concentrate on building a sound within the internal market in addition to foreign trade implementation mechanism for dealing with the development of a success in cross-border internet to build a sound improvement mechanism crucial contemporary in the development of area logistics to build an audio mechanism for taking on a breakthrough within building a sound organization credit system important breakthrough, yiwu nightlife in creating a sound business economical service system around the crucial breakthrough inside building a sound essential breakthrough on the downtown and rural item circulation system, increase the reform jobs.