Yiwu marketplace to create a new type for economic as well as trade

Bash secretary Sheng Qiuping briefly introduced the actual city's economic along with social development. They said the current encounter from the new normal, Yiwu initiative to deal with lots of challenges, actively catch the strategic option "along the way" and the Yangtze Water economic belt, expand international trade in addition to domestic trade program reform, accelerate the mixing of online and offline market place to import move interactive, brand sequence expansion transformation, endeavours to establish a solid sector as the core electric power business logistics as well as finance, culture and also tourism exhibition to compliment modern business method, Yiwu market build a global asset trading center. Yichang in Central China and taiwan is an important regional facility of the city, expecting the two sides to this particular cooperation as an probability to further promote the particular Yiwu Yichang both equally exchanges, strengthen joints cooperation in various career fields, Zhejiang and Hubei to create a new paradigm of economic along with trade cooperation.


Moving average Xuming said in recent times, Yiwu adhere to typically the "Xing to build often the city" development method, to promote market implementation and development of logistics, out of a region rich in its own characteristics way of development, change and opening up the actual to become one of 16 typical regions, the ability is worth in-depth analysis. Yichang, Hubei Land deputy center area, and also the Yangtze Waterway economic belt "along the way, " a crucial connection point to grab the country is currently a serious strategic opportunity to present full play for you to Yichang regional included transport hub in addition to flow, Yiwu Weatherlogistics syndication center for the edge, accelerate the development of electronic digital business, modern logistics and other modern companies. Yichang Yiwu a pair of economies are highly contrasting and broad prospective customers for cooperation, wishing that the two regarding industry training, structure and other projects to advance deepen cooperation articles, to enhance the level of cohesiveness and achieve communal benefit and popular development.