Yiwu international deliver exchange offices technically started

Having Yiwu Customs police officers from South Korea sent the first foreign mail votes concluded unpacking inspection processes, Yiwu international deliver exchange offices technically started entry Submit regulatory business, all of inbound and phone messages for neighborhood through customs. Yiwu became after Hangzhou, Wenzhou, the province's third realization inward bound and outbound email-based through customs on the local city. Once the entry of the submit business opened, Yiwu entry message no more have to detour Hangzhou customs clearance techniques, the message is usually transferred directly from Hangzhou to Yiwu Market methods clearance procedures, in so doing eliminating the office employee, Hangzhou, Yiwu issues in two sites, time costs, logistics costs can be drastically reduced.

Area committee in charge of a particular competition, golf course, rules of golf committee, etc. in order to ensure often the effective operation of area committee in addition establish and help the area committee frequent meeting, learning in addition to training, labor challenge mediation, information confirming, trade union contr?le on duty and other programs to ensure staff pastime was management, team something was treated workers Some people have a problem relief; Yiwu International Trade City the business of information exchange Place, the fusion connected with activity and learning resource sharing mechanism, making use Area resident establishments, the backbone with the enterprise resource rewards in order to make an appointment having union card, a day-to-day appointment, brush experience appointments etc ., to give the enterprise resource expressing.