give the energy to promote market are still flouris

Typically the meeting heard information on the work on the relevant units in promoting market continued wealth and development troubles, in-depth discussions along with exchanges. The getting together with noted that the record of development of the town of Yiwu, Yiwu is the history with the development of the market has become, the city always stick to the "Xing to develop the city" growth strategy unswervingly, causing the world's largest asset market, and guide the industry, exhibition, logistics, finance the speedy development of other market sectors. Facing the chances and challenges from the new economic normality brought to the city for you to mark the key requirements, conscientiously carry out the province, Yiwu market Jinhua decision to utilize, with "innovation in addition to development experience throughout Yiwu, dry devote real courage any time pacesetter" theme of sensible activities, the market success as a top priority the roll-out of Yiwu, calm as well as sober, steadfast trust, in-depth study and also implement measures in order that the market to the lead.


The meeting desperate that the city need to focus on the world, "small commodities" requirement, typically the "Commodity City" in a century-old. To focus on often the short board, speed up the transformation, implementation of online and offline comply with the coordinated progress the market, "two forms, " e-commerce also to play their respected advantages in the actual market, the construction involving "five-star flagship market"; to promote import move interactive, urban home and foreign "two markets", urged the actual steady growth of unusual trade, the significance trade to engender development of new market place momentum, and strive to construct China international SME products into the bridgehead, co-ordination to promote the particular physical market, "Yiwu purchase" electronic organization platform,yiwu city china  "market spending "trade" going out inch; to accelerate typically the optimization of small business structure, supply along with demand sides attract" two body inches, and constantly boost the vitality of the sector; to promote the extension of business chain, improve company services, " both the support "to increase the development of cultural travel exhibition, logistics deal finance and other business chain, increase value added services market surgical procedures. To deepen change, improve the environment, to advance clarify the target marketplace and positioning, pay much more attention to innovative discoveries, focusing on short-board target, focus on co-ordination, the location will develop the introduction of "Ten comments on assistance for market development", increase policy help, give the city the energy to promote market are still flourish.