Yiwu market a new style of work

Any time Thomas mobilization demands, investment selection could be the development of "one project" investment selection function is not a moment to unwind. The city staff tough everybody investment beliefs, moving up, heat up, increase, full investment, lively investment, precision expense, scientific investment, launching more than one project money for hard times is more of a confident and at ease; being around. " Precisely what trick, where to transfer, how to move, who have to recruit, Yiwu market get a place where, precisely how landing "and the like, up and down with the want, open-minded, innovative pursuits, and implementing expenditure 50 of unswervingly promote the" A single project "; to tone investment protection, emphasizing a leadership, some sort of team of professionals, a couple of specialized information, as well as development of a target to careful arranging, precise attract, excellent service, a fine perform, so make the investment decision to become a common terminology, so project a standard language, to get the task to perform their obligations, to take the job to prove, to the formation of a brand-new development tool throughout Yiwu, a new style of work.

Typically the meeting commended typically the 2015 Outstanding purchase service units, the best ten outstanding person in the investment, the top intermediary. commodities fair In order to further more innovation and expense mode of functioning, the city has appointed a number of well-known Yiwu nationals and connected professional agency workers as Special Mechanic on economic growth.

Leadership, gathering Region, director, France arrested two long, yiwu train station area agencies and devices, towns Street Bash and government officers, municipalities and companies abroad responsible man or woman, the city Chamber involving Commerce abroad, Holding chamber of justice in the land on behalf of, the relevant sector association representatives joined in the meeting and also representatives of market place dealers.