Yiwu market grab the opportunity to continue to advertise.

Sheng Qiuping Within the speech, pointed out that often the strategic investment collection is a matter of territorial development, global concerns, the city must significantly understand the extreme significance of investment selection as well as the urgency to deal with increased targeting investment choice, the Merchants since driving the market continuing prosperity of the major direction, Yiwu market as the sector continuously enhance the competition of the only approach, as a key metropolis continuously upgrade top quality as consolidate global benefits needs, using a more open brain, more exciting soul, more effective initiative, grab the opportunity to continue to advertise.

Sheng Qiuping highlighted by solid perform to promote investment assortment. To more functional measures to improve the actual investment, the rendering of the investment program, seize the metro area construction options, strengthen planning huge projects, to promote downtown planning position, increase the urban functions, elegant padded short table, so that there is purchase direction, have a approach and goals, points; to implement professional investment, around electrical energy supplier logistics fund, tourism and ethnical exhibition information, Yiwu Airport  trend, health, equipment, preparing and emerging sectors, under the guidance in the industry chain or perhaps cluster, out of nothing at all, attracting large and also strong, to build a hundred billion level marketplace; to play the function of a large program, the establishment of your professional team, targeted their attention around the project to enhance the exact level and enhance expense effectiveness; to pay close up attention to investment, "meaning suppliers return", demonstrate investment, land expenditure, the whole field regarding investment, expand investment decision horizons, fully discovering resources, we induce the enthusiasm of parties, a comprehensive strike, full force, to be able to business and appealing to business, with devotion investment, ensure purchase to achieve new advancements. To create a better surroundings to promote investment, an excellent "waiter", and continually optimize the services, construction and successful government and strive to develop a "pro" "clear" a fresh government-business relations, the particular formation of a solid pro-business, love enterprise, supporting business, safety business atmosphere.