The thematic education activities held up from April

Just lately, the Municipal Office of Education definitely organized "G20, An individual And I" thematic education activities to undertake "meet the G20 civilization mall, comity first, be civil Yiwu people" thematic education practice inside the education system of Yiwu City, in order to impact the groups with the men and women, so as to society along with promote the person civilization accomplishment, using “cross the road having civilization and give priority to others around the zebra line” as being a breakthrough.


The thematic education activities held up from April to be able to December. The process lasted for on the lookout for months mainly contains: Yiwu Market with the combination of community education, carry out the particular "see the world, begin to see the future” activities; manage and carry out the" satisfy the G20, where will be the civilization” teachers in addition to students discuss the actions; carry out "three one" as the main articles of cultural and academic activities; carry out the world persuasion activities; accomplish the "ten a long way of spring wind, because of your civilization" advocacy activities; undertake the cultural style series art train and so on.