Yiwu City kept national health town review inspection function training

Taihang Mountain collection artwork and calligraphy functions donation ceremony and welcome and collecting activity was held within Yiwu City Archives. It really is understood that this may be the first time that the Records received a series of operates donated. The bassesse chairman of Yiwu Municipal PCC Liu Jun, the chair person of Literary Federation Zhu Qingping, the actual vice chairman associated with Literary Federation This individual Xiaodong, the movie director of Archives Agency Xu Yimin went to.


At the donation wedding ceremony, the chairman regarding Yiwu Literary Federation Zhu Qingping for more than ten musicians donated Taihang Hill collection painting as well as calligraphy works number of books to the Racks. Yiwu HuangYuan Market The series of publications include 13 ebooks which were drawn through the Federation calligraphy and also painting artists throughout the trip to Taihang Huge batch in November. Every stroke is transporting the painter's feelings and thoughts, revealing their figures.

Yiwu City kept national health town review inspection function training conference within the first floor meeting room of Strengthening Family Planning Commission rate, invited the expert of Provincial Devoted Health Office Mao Yiping to make thematic training. Yiwu Market The accountable persons of the associate units of the nationwide health city evaluation team and the fellow member units of the City and county Patriotic Health Panel, the staff of the Loyal Health Office and also the centralized staff from the national health metropolis inspection, the relevant personnel from the towns along with streets, medical and wellness units etc . a complete of more than 180 joined the training.