Yiwu Farm Commercial Bank seemed to be full of joy

The best way to improve the whole, so people with disabilities can certainly receive the right knowledge? Reporters were advised from Yiwu City Department of Education the fact that Municipal Bureau regarding Education, the Consistorial Development and Change Commission, Finance Institution, Disabled Persons Federation and other seven sectors jointly issued Yiwu City Special Knowledge Enhancement Program (2015 to 2017). Depending on the program, by the end involving 2017, the obligatory education enrollment charge of Yiwu Area school-age "three disabled" (visual disability, experiencing disabled and in your head disabled) children extends to more than 98%, typically the compulsory education acceptance rate of all unable to function well children reaches in excess of 95%, initially popularize the first three years connected with education of differently abled children, gradually the actual high and medium sized level education require of disabled youngsters, the education opportunities associated with other disabled persons increase significantly.

“300 thousand yuan regarding working capital finally are at hand! ” This morning morning, Yiwu Urban center issued the first cope of rural homes property mortgage. Often the villager Ji Jianzhong from Huangmei Commune, Beiyuan Street who might be the first one to get the college loan from Yiwu Futian Market Farm Commercial Bank seemed to be full of joy. “My family is anticipating the loan to order goods. "

Yiwu City is the complete reform pilot involving international trade, but the rural homestead process reform pilot. With June this year, often the Ministry of Area and Resources authorised Zhejiang Province Yiwu City Rural Homestead System Reform Flier Program, which put down a solid system in addition to social foundation for any reform of non-urban housing property home finance loan. In recent 10 years, Yiwu Market launched 195 old village improve, 41 thousand people with new buildings, and the farmers include large housing houses. Therefore , to carry out farm homestead mortgage flier through activation connected with farmers’ sleeping materials to increase the useful credit investment features very important practical meaning.