Yiwu drug reform to break the "drug dependent doctors" vicious circle

"Drug dependent doctors" led to unnaturally high medication prices, kickbacks serious, physicians open p abuse along with other issues,yiwu market they have always been belittled. As a extensive reform from the province's very first public medical center, Yiwu go after drug change the New Offer, to break the actual "drug reliant doctors" aggresive circle: the exact amount of the medicine supplies included non-e associated with integrated rating level, to look for the 5 Yaoxie unified submission organization, like a Medical Gadget purchasing real estate agent, medicines as well as supplies within the provincial putting in a bid price recognized on the basis of general non-e besides 15%. Yiwu Wei Preparing Commission recognized said, the particular annual pill reform Package squeeze substance purchase costs artificially higher over 155 million yuan.


Grasp the 3 links, typically the annual revenue sharing a hundred and fifty 000 000

2014, Shaoxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang Province, often the implementation regarding Medical Unit Procurement "volume and cost linked to, deal confirmation, inch the preliminary, at the provinciano level based on the price of medications by just bargaining discussions. The city takes advantage of her two initial experience, begin from drug purchase circulation, through "blocking back again door, open up the front door" to the medication procurement blood circulation squeeze "water", to help the people, motivating medical personnel to achieve sufferers, doctors, federal government "three succeed. "

Town planning, urban planning Commission, celebration members Zhong Wang Wei introduced, Yiwu tailored assistance programs, the actual implementation in the provincial models of the on the internet Yaoxie central procurement program, through specialized audition, advantage finalists, the very best distribution as well as other three places, in line with a selection Circumstances of suppliers, the level based on the amalgamated score five Yaoxie inventory agency, medication, and materials more than 15% of the cheapest non-e.

It really is reported which technical season casting stage, primarily based pharmaceutic supplies range and source catalogs, business qualifications and also qualifications, supply strength along with capacity, business, service obligations and other associated indicators, the random small sample of wellness planning company, by the appropriate experts to satisfy the access criteria The organization scores choice, technical factors below forty into low quality, directly from five syndication companies; value finalists phase, mainly depending on bundled products pharmaceuticals health and fitness units complete amount of buys of permitting interest rates, drugs and healthcare supplies towards the city's central distribution legal rights were assortment, according to the blend score degree, the selection of the particular five pharmaceutical drug supplies circulation business, since the base medicine procurement organization; the best submission stage, health-related institutions associated with volume in addition to price because the basis of general public hospitals as well as basic well being units had been hold with each other, again and also agencies talks were seventeen. 03% along with 18. 1%, determined to allow interest rates, efficient obviously.

City and county Health Solutions Management Providers Financial specialists believe that following the release involving drug rates, drug purchase guide community medical organizations will go back to normal, in addition to retail pharmacies, private centers, private hospitals possess reduced the price of the same effort, we make an effort to upset typically the purchase of remedies, such as the city's public health establishments drug items procurement preparing and pays last year through the total quantity of the price computation, the yearly pharmaceutical resources more than one humdred and fifty million yuan in income sharing.

Bargain drugs modify, the people eventually benefit

Medication "linked in order to volume as well as price, Yiwu Sourcing Agent business deal confirmation" The benefit is apparent pilot negotiations on terms. Downtown Medical center, vice president Changhao Jiang stated, Yiwu start focused generally taken non-e bundled strategy, feasibility and also operability tend to be strong. Presently the city having a drug within about three thousand different specs, the state more than ten, 000 effective manufacturers, in case to discussing bids, deficiency of maneuverability. The thing is recognized as non-e some other bargaining a lot more than 10 medicines and consumables purchasing real estate agents, centralized wide open competition, staying away from tens of thousands of producers, agents, broker agents, pharmaceutical associates, help to safeguard specific providers, to assist in the arrangement costs, transaction and following management. Every unit may also be used, "volume along with price linked" approach to transactions again, pill prices and additional squeeze the area, so that the clinic will not buy large loss connected with profits.

Physicians believe there is absolutely no reserve selling price purchase discount space, the physician will not overmedication, irrational substance use. Right after non-e additional drugs, may effectively avoid drug refund doctor medication behavior will not be governed by the impact of exterior economic passions, but based on clinical require rational medicine use, to lessen the damage of substance abuse, but also straight reduce the health care costs of the testers, the people would be the ultimate beneficiaries By.

Zhejiang Dade Pharmaceutic Group Zhejiang Medicine Company., Ltd. is among the agency agreement. General office manager of the organization, said Chen Xiaozhong, at first most overseas pharmaceutical businesses are holding sporadic sidelines, that will even the earlier start associated with Shaoxing, Ningbo, nor their own drugs as much as 10% earnings sharing area, Yiwu challenge to let room to greater than 15%, it takes a lot of bravery and perseverance, but Yiwu is done.

This particular result additionally contributed for the delivery business to speed up restructuring in addition to upgrading. Chen Xiaozhong mentioned in the past these people mainly perform drug supply in blood flow, equivalent to "porter" role, Delivery earn regarding 5%, unaggressive single setting of procedure, and now needs to make rates of interest "survival pressure", the drug syndication company as well as agents mixed, to focus on the amount of pharmaceutical businesses and on often the agent discount.

Zhong Wang admitted that this difficulty is based on how medications change the affluence of the Brand new Deal plans, balance the actual interests of most parties to guarantee the policy floor. Judging through the current scenario of Procedure, Yiwu must play the pretty "reform boxing. "

Based on Yiwu Wei Planning Commission rate statistics show the New Cope for two a few months, drug utilize decreased when compared with last year paid for for five per cent -10% greater than the current tariff of imported drug treatments have been a lot more than one hundred varieties in the united states for the first time created breakthroughs.

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