No. 9 typhoon "Chan Hung" is gone, Yiwu rapid post-disaster self-help

Number 9 storm "Chan Hung" to Yiwu caused a number of impact. Storm Yiwu many houses flattened, roads fail, crops were being affected, yiwu agent ruined roads, electrical power lines break up, water conservancy facilities ended up destroyed and many others disaster failures. "Chan Hung" incoming all around Yiwu cautious, the anti-Taiwan against Taiwan work within the orderly approach, united for you to win difficult battle versus Taiwan deluge protection.

As per preliminary studies, as on 16: 00 on September 11, metropolis area of 9085 acres regarding crops impacted, the problem area of 3620 acres, any of hundred acres involving crops, typically the direct monetary losses around 4. three or more million yuan. Among them, grain (including first rice along with single showing of rice) flooded 910 acres, 2140 acres connected with rice accommodations; fruits and vegetables afflicted area of 6000 acres, 1480 acres infested, crops 75 acres.


Often the typhoon tragedy coincided oranges, peaches, kiwi and other some fruits mature sector stage. Who have affected domestic streets immediately after heavy out partying and Niansanli streets. At this time affected sugar plantation varieties are generally pear, bobo, peach, date ranges. Especially apples, from deciding on the listing can take a week perhaps, and therefore drastically affected by often the typhoon. Grain affected bulkier as Niansanli streets, resorts a total associated with 870 chattels real, 750 grounds of filled rice. Different Towns hemp also have several levels of lodgings.

In this regard, the manufacturer staff Yiwu front range disaster pain relief, to do every one of the post-production in addition to self-help improve the loaded crops, to steer farmers to use Bumiao, replanting and bug control along with other measures recover production asap. Agriculture Forestry urgent deployment guidance farm towns Lane against Taiwan flood protection work, as well as pay close attention to hybrid tomato seeds and new plants, fertilizers, bug sprays and other methods of production auto financing and do catastrophe relief resources swap, to be sure production desires. Yiwu farm cooperative affiliated sub-working band of grain and also oil development, economic niche, breeding expert services, dispatched lawn base locations Street complex guidance to support affected maqui berry farmers replant relocate the influenced areas perform good job, an enormous increase troubled animal ailments and head pests cctv and management efforts, even though doing toning up and maintenance work features, greenhouses, animals pens, as well as other related establishments. Yiwu Toys Market For connaissance typhoon damaged particularity, Yiwu rural helpful Union Account manager Committee in addition coordinates the companies to try and do the hurricane flood gardening insurance decline, claims, the latest insurance company features organized many comprehensive says team into the scene each time.

Affected by the actual typhoon, adjusted yesterday day, the big Chen, Su Body of water, Niansanli, Chian, on the sea, west with the city and also other 37 cité power breakdowns. For flood-damaged water conservancy and electrical power facilities, urban center departments timely of workers carried out and be sure the normal surgery.

State electric company Yiwu multilevel operation repairs and maintanance personnel along with organizational help support of more than 12 "rattle" Communism teams, degree of more than 30 substations along with the surrounding place inspections, in addition to remove greenhouses, billboards and for that reason easy to have an effect on falling physical objects, close the door frame all the key transformer make sure the rail station organization cardboard boxes, boxes along with outdoor airport terminal doors and windows finished, substations as well as 10 kaviar lines to special patrol.

Jin Xiaoping farmers for the river, considering that the typhoon up from the farm, additionally typhoon the wind big black house, rooster mutual stampede, 350 hen deaths and also direct fiscal losses of 1, 000 yuan. In the sort, the power market to restore electric power promptly provided for restore, so that growers reduce cutbacks.

Yesterday dawn, the cyclone approaching, seeing that rain wet, damp the garden soil loose along with sweeping really winds and other components, Dachen, Chian and other hill town a lot more than 10 kaviar overhead brand branches usually are bamboo, forest pour tension, resulting in disconnection may every time, or will probably affect the usual use of energy in the huge batch people. Their emergency waste service workforce of more than 40 party participants who braved the showers, walking muddy launch into devastation rescue do the job, clean up the particular mountain bamboo bed sheets felling regarding trees greater than 500 timber, eliminate the risk to safety line over 30 safety measures risks, shield the pile power prerequisites.

According to some time back big scrutiny, Yiwu possesses a small commune along the body of water basin 209, vulnerable to expensive floods which will affected just about 60; you will discover seven reservoirs, 27 wetlands and there are security and safety risks; main, 000 concerning dangerous, in excess of 8300 men and women affected inhabitants; geological problem point fifty four, may have an impact on housing 344, 384 persons affected people. Rainfall with prior time periods, the batch soil vividness, the case involving heavy bad weather likely activated landslides, thumb floods mudslides and other second disasters, the chance of major geological disasters brought about flash innundations.

Faced with hazard, Yiwu Urban center Land Team went to geological hazards check up and supervising, so the new that real danger, the first time survey from every one of the geological tragedy point urgent 479 evacuees. Transport segment organizations the capability to repair destroyed sections of speedily open all over again. Social Expenditure Group inside construction connected with eight area projects in addition to 11 development projects regarding all the cease, orderly discharge of staff members, and make typically the resettlement. Metropolis, Yiting, Niansanli streets, pavement and other Koto timely plan forces next to Taiwan in work on previous buildings, very simple shed team and other major areas to help implement often the safe shift, make every effort to be sure that people's day-to-day lives and residence safety, and then try to The storm may cause destruction of a minimum.

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