"Xiuhu corner" Logo Most people love Yiwu

"Layer upon stratum of environment friendly in the holders of the Centuries Temple Daan quietly observing the bit enhancements made on yiwu china market Yiwu urban center, the most beautiful is always that all this have been rippling waters close adapt to Xiuhu exactly where. " This morning, reporters by Yiwu general public card company seemed to be informed that the majority of people are accustomed to this "Xiuhu corner" Company logo most community favorite, has become elected to help Yiwu Resident Card Emblem.


It is claimed that, once the pre-selection in the collection in addition to, in parts on the country many contributors, as well as 26 regions of Yiwu displaying outstanding is effective have came into the public voting session, everywhere "Xiuhu corner" In thirty three percent with the public help support rate is elected Yiwu card Brand. Experts trust, was selected by the structure Logo, China's and Uk composition, when the designed Yiwu milestone landscape building, highlighting typically the geographical properties of Yiwu demonstrate often the humanities, towards the public lifetime. Meanwhile, the brand has a very simple structure having meaning, Yiwu Huangyuan Market commonly identifiable and also memory attributes.

At present, Yiwu citizen credit card related introductory work is undoubtedly an orderly means, Yiwu resident card company features repeatedly neared with a system of the plan, to converse the processes along with modes connected with cooperation similar applications. On the other hand, Kaka canton derived tendering has been commenced. Look from current program, is required to launch ahead of end in this year, Yiwu citizen credit issuance portion. A having government societal security, open public administration, micro-payments, loans along with financial expert services in one of the area cards will likely be progressively bundled service podium to build, put into practice governance, open service in addition to commercial installments and other purposes, "a multi purpose card, playing card use.

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