Promoting yiwu West Railway Yard Expansion Project

Yiwu express logistics center structure site meeting one of the stressful scene, the employees sweat development, engineering autos back and forth, many large establishments express logistics construction at its peak. It is claimed that this season, yiwu agent Yiwu Foreign Trade provider area (dry ports District) focus on building of the completely new dry vent, increase purchase, promote the development projects, the effort steadily.


Its understood the fact that first part of this year, Yiwu International Business service place (dry locations District) within the orderly software: to promote the law Uzzi vía freight property expansion task, the job has been authorised to train company, has become entering the particular pre-construction; advertise international submit exchange locations and gas stations of cross-border logistics supervising platform, Answer back of the Status Customs Assistance, Postal Provider and ripped to the China and taiwan Post Set Corporation, opted for set up an important mail alternate office inside Yiwu; encourage civil aerial airport journey zone enlargement engineering, sencillo aviation air port flight zoom expansion venture has been completed undertaking approval; endorsing international ecommerce platform for any construction on the city, metropolis completed the development of an foreign e-commerce in the end of 2016 put into surgery, are currently experiencing the country to investment predicted name; right from the start of July, Central Train locomotives (Yiwu instructions Madrid) to realize normalization once a week column function, to practice monthly 5, return a couple per month; selling Type F Bonded Logistics Center podium, present, Yiwu bonded logistics center organization steady as well as orderly progress ʱ??

Qiao planted jet trees, enticed Phoenix situation. This year, typically the Mainland and also Hong Kong to enhance the platform throughout New design, increase expense, investment along with prominent. It can be understood this for the home-based logistics amenities Yiwu definitely insufficient entire size, features services is definitely lagging guiding other difficulties, by the Where you live now and Hk Group to pay money in the home logistics centre project, constructing convenient local logistics establishments, improve logistics services, make the country along with the Asia Off-shore Logistics Heightened levels. Moreover, relying upon Central American trains (Yiwu - Madrid), import in addition to export surrounding the Central Eu rail move trains regular, Central-European loan combination and cargo of about three business designs defined with Yiwu Gulf Railway Rail station area creating a new Man made fiber Road Business Park task.

The profitable introduction with the Mainland as well as Hong Kong Center Red Big cat Group's expenditure in the structure of perception logistics park your car project agreed upon with Cina Telecom presented the "electricity supplier plan cloud" job, while producing woo Logistics Headquarters venture in Zhejiang, Yiwu Market Manufacturers Hainan time ho (Yiwu) Cold Company Logistics Manufacturing Park and also Shanghai Whirlpool city circulation warehousing along with logistics facility project.

Inside lead small business contractor collection, while dried up ports Completely new industrial plans steadily. Yiwu express logistics gathering heart eight exhibit delivery corporations progressed well, tact (MassMutual), Shen New tong/tanga, Tong, write-up offices along with parts of often the project intended to be concluded and put in use in the past year, SF, vocally mimic eachother is estimated before the high class, CourierPost initially phase seemed to be completed in the past year, two a few started. Additionally , ProLogis (Yiwu) Logistics Park your car project is fully mentioned that this calendar year will comprehensive the some library making, which has unveiled two selection BES Huitong logistics corporation, and options to "double 11" applied; road carry center undertaking order to showcase, earthwork in addition to policies to face the current complications, speeding up, Sheng Feng, Sheng Hui, whole-wheat and other several have closed projects will eventually transfer shown, it is required to start development this year.

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