Yiwu Municipal People's Congress meeting

Xiuxian Chen Yiwu Municipal Individuals Congress Position Committee conference hosted through the city, yiwu china noticed the Yiwu reports within the situation within the development of Traditional chinese medicine.


In recent years, Yiwu has made the actual further progress Chinese medicine, Tcm service system continues to enhance, personnel still grow, Yiwu City, a complete of 107 Chinese medicine solutions, Chinese medicine support personnel 691 people, within 2014 Traditional chinese medicine (including medicine) prescription quantity 4770000. Simultaneously, Yiwu Town Chinese Medicine Medical center successfully developed three national-level Chinese medicine medical center, the Start of Medicine setup Dan, Zhu Dan Tcm culture to obtain provincial non-heritage projects. But the pharmaceutic industry, you may still find some inadequacies and issues, such as Traditional chinese medicine shortage of skill, key procedures and specialized should be increased and the like.

The actual meeting mentioned that the pharmaceutical drug industry is a crucial part of the as well as health providers play inside maintaining the fitness of people around the irreplaceable part, we must additional promote the standard culture associated with Chinese medicine Zhu Dan, Yiwu Bags Market the particular pharmaceutical business to accelerate reform as well as improve healthcare services throughout system, always meet the health-related needs from the masses.

Conference stressed the necessity to promote larger and more powerful in the prescription industry, concentrating on strengthening staff training in medication, mainly depending on their own nearby culture, realistic alternative, "Chinese remedies practitioners along with only" function to establish extensive mechanism patterned after the design, and boost the introduction regarding high-end ability, and totally enhance the high quality of the expert ranks. To enhance the execution of plans to support Tcm, increasing federal government spending, to make sure that medical companies in Yiwu City companies virtuous group of advancement track. To aid the industrial progress Chinese medicine, Traditional chinese medicine health notable extend the commercial chain, thoroughly promote typically the vigorous progress the prescription drug industry.

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