Yiwu, Pujiang two schools to carry out "non-left to go pro."

Yiwu Tong Li River Grammar school and Suspend Town Main Primary College to carry out "non-left to go pro" activities, yiwu china market  with the "paper-cut gift of money twinning college teaching base" Award, to increase promote the actual heritage as well as development of non-heritage projects.


It really is understood, Yiwu Tong Shelter Elementary School because 2007, is going to be non-heritage products --- paper-cut introduction associated with campus to look for the "national tradition heritage, develop new period, " the particular characteristics regarding educational viewpoint, the school papers cutting custom and carry out actions accumulated used a lot of encounter, a few years to learn a paper-cut teaching and also tradition from the road, within 2014 had been identified as typically the nongenetic purchase of Jinhua teaching foundation. Hang Pujiang Town Core Primary University put paper-cut activity being a brand culture, school-based curriculum advancement, educational investigation, cultural brand name promotion, monetary gift and other angles integration, this is a nongenetic buy of training base inside Zhejiang State. Yiwu Artificial Flower Market  We can say two colleges are the nearby project in to the campus involving paper reduce to represent the college in the state and even the nation are highly important.

In the day's "non-left to look pro" routines, organized the "paper-cut gift of money and university characteristics in order to create" since the theme of non-heritage forum, both schools additionally made non-heritage protection along with heritage encounters, guests will also be Lee Grammar school to observe the fish pond paper reducing class, frequented the functions gallery. Based on non-heritage middle Jinhua, Yiwu and schooling sectors accountable person, non-heritage protection in addition to cultural traditions, need to take the standard, life, interpersonal, ecological route, learning through each other is essential, so proceed pro-activity is much better, worth about promotion. Non-left to go professional, to "take" as the service provider, to strengthen trades between the 2 places, often the "pro" when it comes to promoting lifestyle together, is a good way to advertise non-heritage safety and monetary gift.

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