Yiwu rectification taxi industry

Yiwu City taxi cab industry, right after several changement, the overall scenario has changed world. But take a look at industry problems, yiwu china property legal rights are not even can say is actually caused by Taxi cab "chaos" of the "source. inch


Currently, you will find within the legal system of the cab Yiwu 6 companies within the management, a few companies cost a fee related owners passed, rarely carry out daily company owners supervision, restraining, causing the minicab driver in order to participate in the research and coaching low, inner inspection as well as supervision aren't in place along with other issues, limited the industry's standardization advancement.

"I opened up the airport transfer company in which the training is going to be communicated or even new business regulations, often just to indication the word, since there are now homeowners generally usually do not own vehicles, mostly caught out to others, so the coming back car motorists, very valuable. "Mr. taxi cab driver area tells the entire story.

Since the problem profoundly the hard regulatory. How you can create a great flow associated with taxis this particular "city card", the city transport Authority Cab Management Area, Yichang Batintín has its own suggestions.

Since final March, the actual Ministry regarding Human Resources and also Social Ministry, the Nationwide Federation involving Trade Assemblage launched a two-year, "the cab industry to produce a harmonious work relations actions. " Actions in accordance with the needs, the country slowly implement minicab Employee Administration Model, to change the current approach to contracting associated; also usually carried out using the vehicle agreement price (the "elements connected with money"), interpersonal security, labour income, Yiwu Stationery Market relax and holiday as the primary content The actual collective salary negotiations, meaning that had been extremely controversial airport transfer operators possess a solution correct direction, but additionally to create situations to significantly enhance the general image from the taxi market. But whatever the future directly to operate the taxi Yiwu how to resolve the convenience in the public ought to be taking into account the particular multiple passions of taxi cab drivers, proprietors, taxi businesses, people and so forth.

"Regulators also require a punch, underneath the cruel, very carefully handle traveler complaints along with reports associated with taxi organizations and individuals punish unlawful operations. Manuals the car owner civilized administration, credit supervision, and standardize management, improve public understanding of rights, through build a unified 'service market' in character. "Yichang Gongo said that typically the taxi sector is a difficult industry, on the other hand, drivers who wish to on the basis of regard for the individuals, to enhance their own professional values, professional requirements, professional quality, the protection of travellers sent to often the destination, however, I hope people will prefer the taxi operater, and only beneath the premise control the industry in addition to mutual knowing, the cab industry may truly get to be the city's "business card. inches

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