"E-mail station" solve Express "last 100 meters"

With all the rapid progress electronic the business sector in Yiwu City, often the courier firm "delivery challenging, "yiwu agentcustomer "Write difficult" and other internet terminal providers issue has changed into a new concentrate of the social requires and living. To promote ecommerce community assistance network, successfully solve the actual e-commerce port distribution provider quality in addition to work performance is lowered, parcel supervision chaos, the location posted increased labor fees, "the previous 100 feets, " the particular delivery troubles, and strive to generate the city's urban as well as rural occupants convenient protected online shopping surroundings, "E-mail station" express bags and searching for common software emerged.


In accordance with Yiwu Mensaje Service, dependable person, "E-mail station" podium for portion the people involved, it is a level and a area (area), could be the platform and also sites; regarding delivery with regards to both supply terminal (a box cabinet) is extendable a mensaje routes (secondary delivery). "E-mail station" is actually a community, educational institutions, offices along with places to put together, take the complete self-help, "artificial + self-help" and packed with artificial about three modes for those to provide self-created package, the other delivery connected with convenience along with other services amenities.

Simply put courier express "E-mail station" inside the "E-mail cabinet", immediately you will have a transport arrival warning announcement message provided for the recipient's mobile phone, typically the recipient or maybe phone number and also SMS pass word, receive cargo at any time, hassle-free and risk-free, effective way of preventing the collection associated with property as well as other third-party backlinks, mail damage or destruction and other complications, but also will save you the courier company's logistics costs and decrease the amount of another delivery, increase the efficiency regarding couriers, and also bring the capability of the people. As an example happen to move or functioning hours, annoying to take often the courier, the actual courier is necessary and then considering the time, with the "E-mail cabinet" can easily weather some sort of buffet obtain 24 hours, getting rid of concerns.Yiwu Huangyuan Market One more example is a general couriers have decided to be provided at noontide, meridian time, took place at the lunchtime break time and energy to express, will probably be awakened simply by phone, by way of "E-mail cabinet", but also gets rid of such difficulties. If the package on the janitor's room, provided security brings extra work, and so on. "Used the 'E-mail cabinet' users of this fresh guy is included with praise, but hope to create a few items in different aspects of the mobile, and convenience. " Employees Yiwu Felicitación Service mentioned.

Post corporation official advised reporters, a new "E-mail case, " the particular host the purchase price is something like 20, 000 yuan from top to bottom, one particular auxiliary to be able to 10, 000 yuan thoroughly, with canopy panels and other backyard venues necessary for the construction of your "E-mail station" probably devote 6-10 thousand, so far all these costs début by the felicitación company. Down the road, "E-mail station" in dealing with the foundation, "the final a hundred meters, inches the shipping and delivery problems, this could be superimposed in various types of ease services, attain more lucrative, to ensure successful operations.

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