Yiwu smart mobile law enforcement

Along with Internet plus a variety of standard industries, design of different new economical format, the newest model. And then, charged with all the supervision in the health direction departments observance functions "net", yiwu china would get rid of what kind of interest it? Just lately, according to the single deployment regarding Zhejiang Domain, Yiwu Area Health Power conducted several information technology, to be effective and services models Plug into, connect the Internet "wings. "


Clever Mobile Observance: convenient, successful, standardized

Deliver a smart mobile phone, a portable computer printer, a few days ago, health and fitness supervisors Wang and Chen started their particular first mobile phone enforcement. Summer months, they commenced swimming everyday supervision involving places from the rapid diagnosis of swimming pool area water top quality viewing captivation foot swimming pool settings, inquire the pool area dosing therefore on-site evaluation, they begun to make well being surveillance devices.

Unlike previously is that, Wang no longer appear blank report documents, yet pulled out a new cell phone, wide open the "Zhejiang health monitoring" mobile police officers APP contacting companies, to find this kind of place to frolic in the water in the process will find merely checked circumstance and one simply by one insight of which changement opinions.

"Originally, we need everything handwritten, today the system provides saved that place standard conditions and also instruments design template name, deal with, etc . We all operate an even more convenient along with efficient. micron Wang mentioned.

Then, hook up your cellphone via Wireless printer, developed on-site check up and oversight record syndication will print out there. Wang, brain of the tool to confirm the actual signing, demanding timely modification control suggestions. Meanwhile, the particular inspection connected with records in addition to data are already uploaded for the mobile port through the Zhejiang Provincial Wellbeing Supervision Details Network.

"Before, we need to settle back on the computer at work, control of pieces of paper documents to finish the digital entry oversight information coverage, and now can be achieved on the spot, check out a saved one, getting rid of the need for recurring twice far more timely as well as clear. inch Wang Point out.

Receive wellbeing surveillance musical instruments place established said, typically the printed text message easier to study than handwriting handwriting, and moreover, input tools based on the unified format, the vocabulary and structure are more consistent.

Micro control cards swept out two-dimensional computer to know "the real situation"

Recently, very careful people will see a lot of open public places inside city of Yiwu, hanging wellness surveillance information about bulletin planks, the new design and style adds any two-dimensional program code --- Here is the health administration departments with each specific special public areas "Health Small card. inches

Just attract the use of cellphones, basic organization information, health and fitness permits reputation, health cctv, the health quantization level as well as other "health loved ones property" can immediately bounce out, can be to view. Hangzhou to Yiwu Just where health monitoring information will be from the well being inspectors like Wang's cell phone law enforcement admittance. Therefore , the data contained in the two-dimensional code will continue to work with the a muslim health security and on time updates.

"Consumers can easily see the health facts in public places, and provide buyer choice, to ensure a certain limitation to small business. At the same time, in addition, it urged the medical supervisors fortify daily guidance cover, boost the level of police force, and prompt entry program, to provide considerably more complete and also accurate wellbeing surveillance info to help the public to look at. "Yiwu Urban center Health Capacity, said Chen Jianmin, overseer.

In addition , using this two-dimensional computer code, health inspectors simply make use of mobile police APP check out, you can quickly track down in the method to this tracking unit, and then conduct on-site inspection associated with entry plus more convenient.

Micro-channel in-one built-in public amount

Yiwu Wellness Authority the location where the end regarding last year, exposed the "Yiwu Health Authority" micro-channel open number, nevertheless the functionality is bound to essential message drive and simple webpage jump. Nowadays, the small signal will be the level of the health of the people, medical establishments poor results, real-time water supply quality check results as well as a number of wellness supervision mixture data use available to the population inquiry, so oversight info service folks.

Meanwhile, often the "micro Complaints" section, will probably smooth just how public problems; "micro events" section, are going to be invited to be able to participate in the health of the nation supervision; "micro-training" section, will likely be encouraged to produce independent mastering management competitors. Online opinions problems, the cloths line to investigate answer; online company registration, deeper exchange the queue; on-line discussing of information, finding out the line whenever you want. Development of the net also tends to make health direction times, transforming work, increase services, enhance public conversation.

"'Internet +' attention to householder's experience, health and fitness supervision division to adopt the Internet at the same time, also out of this point of view to take into account, enhanced 'Internet + Health and fitness Authority' usefulness, convenience of furthermore hope that will through the Net, making details more see-thorugh law enforcement targeted at, more efficient career. "Jianming Chen said.

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