2015 China Yiwu Import Commodities Fair

Sponsored by People's Government supports Zhejiang, China Chamber of International Commerce, China Chamber of Commerce, yiwu agent China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce Trade Development Bureau, China International Chamber of Commerce Convention and Exhibition Department, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, the China International Trade Promotion Zhejiang Sub-Committee and the Yiwu Municipal People's Government contractors. The exhibition will more than 1800 standard booths, the exhibition area of ​​50,000 square meters, exhibitors range of imported household goods, imported food and beverages, imported crafts jewelry, clothing and accessories imports, cross-border electricity suppliers and service providers and other categories of international trade, The more than 1200 exhibitors, booth size class in the nation imported consumer goods exhibition in the forefront. By then, there will be more than 100,000 customers around the outside Toys waiting procurement docking.


2015 Tiongkok Yiwu Significance Commodities Sensible is the city's only concept of the imported buyer goods gatherings, exhibitions tightly around the point out, "along typically the way" growth strategy, "to promote interoperability and revealing opportunities within China" for the reason that theme, "Government to promote, market place operation implementation of solutions, build models, "to the essential of financial system and deal as the principal, second as well as third rate brands using foreign SMEs as the step to the" expert, international, market-oriented, information technology, "as the event direction,Yiwu Market Manufacturers aim is to endeavor in a reasonably a short time to get the first manufacturer in China's imports regarding consumer items exhibition.

To the rich, are going to be held in the exhibition "along the way" along the country wide export marketing and insurance policy environment, perceptive property protection under the law lectures significance trade, Yiwu market Association Assembly, "Yiwu World Merchant's House, very well the initial meeting, merchandise brand advertising other promoting conferences and also forums, produce more work from home opportunities for contributing merchants.

Based on reports, Yiwu can be a business town with a good attraction along with affinity, often the exhibition metropolis with the tallest 3g base station largest smaller commodity low cost market proceeds has been all day and consecutive decades in the state's top specialist market, lots of exhibition pursuits organized by simply more than one humdred and fifty per year some sort of. In Walk 2011 nys Council permitted to carry out an intensive reform involving Yiwu Global Trade, Yiwu has become the place's first twelve comprehensive change, but also the actual country's initial national detailed reform start city from the county established. Import Merchandise Fair presented has a exclusive advantage inside Yiwu.

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