To design butt boost "China Dream"

Technologies and development serve the neighborhood economy, "China Dream concept merchandise" Style Matchmaking preserved Yiwu Innovative Park, to steer enterprises to pay for attention, "China Dream" unique research as well as development. Yiwu, yiwu china market a sharp Commercial Design Corp., Ltd. associated with Shenzhen Town, 288 rock design, a lot more than 30 businesses participated docking.


Matchmaking, style firms and also "China Dream" authorized organization representatives through product framework, function, design and style and other elements, combined with "Chinese dream" part of the thematic depth deconstruction design, basically how to make items in the construction and function effortlessly docking, to draw greater interest on clients, improve client desire to purchase other problems were talked about. Both sides stated it would make the most of "China Dream" elements of the item design, to ensure that "China Dream" Yiwu Furniture Market series of goods to better from the country, incorporation of the world.

Following the meeting, the actual park layout companies along with manufacturers arrived at a number of co-operation intention, style and design companies can help "China Dream" enterprise continuing product creativity, promote the development ahead in terms of composition, promote the particular "China Dream" products much more perfect to resolve and enhance the "China Dream" series of merchandise in terms of functions, some current research in addition to development abilities and other specialized problems

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