Yiwu E-commerce

Yiwu electricity provider Office the other day released some data: the very first quarter of the year, Yiwu electricity dealer industry to attain turnover associated with 26 billion dollars yuan, a rise of 22%; yiwu china market  industrial as well as commercial sign up of new web business choices 2743, a growth of 13%. 2015, commerce en ligne industry regarding Yiwu displaying strong energy.


Yiwu accepted last year to produce a "national internet model city", it is the only authorized the development of county-level city. Depending on the wealthy network involving physical marketplace goods and also developed contemporary service business advantage logistics, finance, Yiwu adhere to offline and online market incorporation and advancement, the use of offline and online resources, along with expand foreign trade import marketplaces, to promote the introduction of electronic business. Alibaba, based on the Institute revealed that household network providers Yiwu thickness, density store network workers, online consumers density 3 indicators rated first within the 290 areas.

Of this e-commerce businesses, due to the constant reinforcement in addition to complementary upstream and downstream industries, commercial clusters Commercial Integration is becoming increasingly apparent, and to market cross-industry, cross-agency, cross-regional combined and supporting to much more large-scale improvement. Such as "Han Yu electrical power supplier", "Langsha Kids" plus some walk the actual electricity supplier of incorporated supply cycle route of companies, through the use of sources of the business supply string, optimize the particular allocation, Yiwu Stationery Market to make a short, regular, fast ecommerce supply sequence system, enhance the core competition of the market.

From the "Yiwu create" in order to "Yiwu create" shift outcome from the result product brand name, the output regular, output idea, Yiwu is actually leveraging electrical energy providers to be able to upgrade and keep market growth advantages, advertise sustainable wealth. "Yiwu web only a few many years there is this type of success, showing vitality connected with e-commerce is based on Yiwu. inch Business make up industrial facilities in Yiwu business owners Jinglu Zhang stated.

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