Texting extortion was sentenced to two years

Some sort of middle-aged guy from Henan Kaifeng poisoning because give text messages for you to extort dollars, yiwu china market was sentenced to couple of years in dejecting prison Yiwu court docket and fined 20, 000 yuan.


This kind of middle-aged person surnamed Wang, who throughout Yiwu non commercial streets after the food plant work, home after making. Last 12 , 21 day, Mou left for Yiwu, feel back to the main house foodstuff factory job. But then they remembered, which workers don't have any meaning, nevertheless think a bit business wasn't any investment market, as a result moving coming from a distorted mind, think of typically the threat that will food manufacturing owner extort money technique.

The next day, Doux Chen with the identity credit to buy a brand-new phone number. In the third moment for a number of consecutive times, Wang cell phone number with a organized food manufacturer boss Chen to send texting to be in manufacturing food from the Chen poisoning threat, to function his approach to his bank account in exchange 200, 000 yuan of money. Chen immediately on the police,Yiwu Christmas Market the 5-0 quickly detained Wang.

Its understood in which Chen via Fujian land. Chen explained an opening would likely Wang. 2 hundred, 000, he been ripped with Wangmou time, Some expect Wangmou entangled carry for several days and nights texting hazard. He is recognized for the production of sweets label merchandise, if someone placed poison, firms will be reach, so quite worried, call up the police quickly.

Yiwu Court docket held this, Wang outlawed possession when considering using intimidation, blackmail other's property, large volumes, his habits constituted a criminal offense of extortion. Given Wang only criminal offense but not intended for reasons aside from the will to have success, the Office attempted criminal offenses, only to receive a lighter weight punishment.

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