This year, Yiwu City will implement the "Ten Initiative"

Through Yiwu kept the first program of the "mall Friendship Award", yiwu agent "mall regression Awards" wedding ceremony "Ten Initiative" described the actual meeting had been informed this year the town of Yiwu City, dedicated to enhancing the particular international degree, to create typically the "International Mall", will apply "Ten Initiative" for and also the and China's Business Slot provided of Business to provide far more convenient services within righteous function, life, studying, and create better conditions.

Which "ten initiatives" are: to transport Yiwu "mall Friendship Award" selection as well as award associated with work yearly in reputation of exceptional contributions in order to Yiwu overseas friends; ask Foreigners put into action paperless and can provide show delivery solutions, Enterprise Software Invitation And also the invitation just provide electric materials; international visa visit system applied by the general public security on the internet services, execution of the passport appointment and also shorten often the waiting period permit;


Yiwu set up support centers on the planet merchant to hold friends, co-operation, training, talking to, public well being activities, still promote worldwide businessman a friendly relationship gathering worldwide business power; to carry out unusual trade organizations filing perform, promulgated the actual "Foreign Step of The business sector records administration pilot system "; open" Yiwu Marketplace Authority unknown service "micro-channel platforms, the particular timely launch of overseas investment sign up, market rules and other appropriate policies to be able to foreign traders; multi-channel remedy in the righteousness of international children to varsity problems, along with actively broaden foreign college students by the amount of eligible colleges and college amount with regard to school children regarding foreign staff Yiwu Walnut Leaf university in Sept;Yiwu Stationery Market create a global trade services center company lobby multi-lingual services atmosphere, and reinforce the business main receiving area Multilingual recognition and flack, language coaching staff to handle the windowpane; the organization of unusual lawyers and also the arbitrators "1 for a "legal service system, pair attorneys ready to offer legal enlightening services regarding foreign buddies; do the job permit work of outsiders, the rendering of the on-line pre-employment enable foreigners for you to optimize do the job processes, in addition to improve effectiveness.

Yiwu gran Qiuping Sheng to get "mall Friendship Award" Indians Philips, Jordanians Mohammed Ned and obtain "mall come back award, inch the abroad Chinese Jianxin Cheng, Lianghong Zhou honor. After the prize ceremony, Qiuping Sheng placed a discussion board, the majority of foreign people and the Holding chamber of Marketing thanked typically the Chinese entrepreneurs to promote often the contribution involving Yiwu Worldwide Trade Town Construction created, and very carefully listened to people from other countries and China's businessmen symbolize the sights of the Appropriate slot of Trade in Yiwu economic as well as social advancement and suggestions. He stated the current 5 Yiwu is actually pushing the actual transformation, and attempt to build a international network connected with Yiwu products marketing middle, cross-border web Heights, global dry slots as well as intercontinental business journey destinations. Qiuping Sheng declared we would cautiously sort ending observations claim that you put ahead, and the development of the obligation list, the job decomposition towards the relevant practical departments, restrict deadline takes up residence, further develop a good assistance environment, to advertise the changeover to the foreign city of Yiwu.

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