Business process optimization reimbursement of medical expenses Medicare Yiwu

Wang Yiwu individuals hurried city window the girl husband with regard to Medicare medical center reimbursement, once the check quantity was available at a dozen individuals lined up before her statements,yiwu china market  Ms. Wang is more nervous, because was anxious to capture the teach.


Window personnel understand the scenario, Wang very carefully reviewed materials, the material become complete, it may be reimbursed regarding commission. Wang then informed after the putting your signature on of the "principal reimbursement agreement" can be straight entrusted to deal with the compensation procedures, without having waiting to secure the first time is going to be reimbursed following the clearing of all sorts of information to become reimbursed Wang hands. Microsoft. Wang, an extremely happy!

To increase implement the needs of "strict management in order to implement the actual Year", at the begining of May, the particular optimization associated with business procedures for repayment of healthcare expenses Medicare insurance Yiwu, the initial site to take care of the payment based on the improve a "single window intended for handling, inner circulation audit" recipient for your new setting. In the Mailbox for the brand new model, the general public simply publish invoices, stock, identification credit cards and checking accounts, etc .Yiwu Socks Market, you potentially can attain Medicare released a "return receipt" solitary, within 10 working days regarding reimbursements could be directly Importance reimbursement individual bank account.

Create new product will not only manage the majority of people trying to get reimbursement involving medical costs Yiwu thank you's need to operate windows compacted from 3 to one, and also the reimbursement quantity directly into to prevent the trouble folks run banking institutions. The steps to be "let the public to some trip, do not allow the people hold on a second, " but additionally significantly enhance the efficiency connected with internal review batch Yiwu Medicare, the insurance account to ensure the secure use of the money.

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