Yiwu Small Commodity export "Silkroad Online" and then speed

Reports came from Yiwu Customs Yiwu Small Asset export "Silk Road Online" accelerate yet again.yiwu agent According to figures, yesterday, Yiwu cross-border oversight of cross-border e-commerce wall plug monitoring middle wrapped exposure 100, 000, up to 102, 000, considering that another single-center pilot Nisshin high.

Its understood how the Yiwu administration of cross-border e-commerce centre since 12 , 26, 2014 put into use, at the time of midnight right now, total cross-border supervision involving total export products reached installment payments on your 407 , 000, 000 parcels. "Entering May, the common daily guidance of cross-border export deal volume with 50, 000 or more. inch Yiwu Practices person in command of cross-border internet business.


Standard Administration connected with Customs beginning 2014 tailored for cross-border electrical power supplier deal added 9610 regulatory codes, since cross-border business within Yiwu business oriented enterprises inside Yiwu cross-border e-commerce throughout the monitoring give attention to the working line evaluation equipment, delight in direct cross-border trade electrical energy supplier 9610 code in order to facilitate practices clearance method. "With quick clearance, fast clearance, cross-border export offer, you can quickly send to Hangzhou, Shanghai and also other international airport, provided directly from the hands of shoppers worldwide. inches Yi Wu Pan Duet Lai Wanxing Trading Company., the person the boss said, "At present, there are actually Pan Coppia Cross-border export products more than 90% of the bundle, through cross-border e-commerce throughout Yiwu unusual direct direction center, Yiwu Huangyuan Market ahead of cross-border export products of these packages go through Hangzhou Customs, Shanghai in china Customs quit, after the cross-border e-commerce legislation center started out in Yiwu, the company cross-border export bandaged clearance as opposed to original preserve two to three nights. "

Pan Duo, whole-wheat, cross-border e-commerce Yiwu Ji Mao monitoring center of the first pilot cross-border business enterprise.With the regular improvement associated with cross-border foreign trade package level, the initial enterprises has increased to be able to 432, in the original state of vacation spot is limited on the United States as well as Russia, a pair of countries, increasing to modern-day 108 international locations and parts. "Currently, north america . and The european union is the main upload market with Yiwu cross-border e-commerce, web cross-border oversight center regarding Yiwu utilized so far, the us, Brazil and also Spain paid for for cross-border parcel transferring country involving destination in the top a few. " Yiwu Customs representatives said that while zero hr today, export products to the US ALL 1, 275, 000; B razil exports 185, 000; 146, 000 released to France.

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