Yiwu, a small roadside billboard is serious

Dawn, Yiwu Observance Brigade Choucheng several small business district law enforcement officials team followed on duty, yiwu china marketthey are really worried about features happened: often the trees back road to both the sides with the poles and also "long" many advertising, "a small warning. " "Really a throbbing headache, you clean up today, and the other night these folks were loaded about the. " Police officers team explained. Every night since spring, a myriad of electric lending institution training, Taobao training, autos and other outlawed mortgage build a small thoughtfulness area advertisements become a regulating "gray landscaping. " Not too long ago Choucheng groupe has been lower, clean up a really small billboard over 2200 pieces.


Everyday clean-up, from a night along with "long" out and about, how do? Choucheng brigade thought we would change the "U I mow" the recurring situation. Initially they healed a small billboard classified, several companies were being listed seeing that "key key responsibility. micron Secondly, based on its previous communication, improve warning prior, a problem together with the principle involving rectification want to visit previous to start, the actual group in charge person to acquire the law observance team traveled to "publish" the duty of a smaller billboard corporation to investigate comprehensively, to do the specified pre-thought information work, in addition to persons in control of their illegitimate registration medical history. On this time frame, the écurie deployed central source set up a new "group interviews" will be eight main liability of the man responsible, i highly recommend you come to get started interviews. With interviews, the particular take missionary style, reminding style, given notice style, inspiration style, communicative approach to review things along with sensible talk, jointly reliable advertising approaches, while a deal: if the future arbitrary company found a compact ad memory cards, according to the law will likely be put on file, according to the total each ended up fined 600 yuan.

"It's really a touch too much, not really to hang right up. " Not long ago, in the face of what the law states enforcement staff, "warned" someone in charge of an exercise organization claimed. He explained that before any person could be supposed to hang available at night many small fecal material advertising, but not only makes the urban center Cityscape hard see, yiwu fairthis company also looks to be not for the grade, the forthcoming is better to settle on taxis, rapace and lane LED promotion, not only style, also very most affordable.

"After typically the interview dictatorial institution once they find modest ads, below according to the law by means of 'block' drastically punished, certainly not let go of a bit. Reassuring it can be that ever since the implementation connected with interviews each week, then they haven't been within the legislation of the laws arbitrary association small billboard phenomenon. "law enforcement workforce said. It can be understood this for some divider paint promoting, chaotic write-up small advertisings, Yiwu police officers agencies usually are actively complimenting power of often the parties anxious, according to the law stringently to reduce its "source. "

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