Yiwu Central Hospital successfully performed tracheal stenting

Yiwu Central Medical center, a respiratory system medicine with regard to patients along with advanced chest cancer environment obstruction experienced bronchoscopy tracheal stent société. yiwu marketThis is the city's medical organizations in the very first successful utilization of bronchoscopy tracheal stent société, filled the town a healthcare technology difference, but also in order to patients to create the gospel.


Ms. Chen is a breathing cancer sufferers with superior, central medical center in mid-April stay breathing medicine. Formerly, Ms. Chen worked within Zhejiang Malignancy Hospital getting chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other extensive treatment, however there are still severe chest right after treatment, coughing, shortness associated with breath signs and symptoms, not supine, choking scenario from time to time, Yiwu Stationery Marketnot able activity, actually turn the body is going to be great perspiration dripping. Main Hospital the respiratory system physician chose to give Chan purposes of tracheal stenting.

Chunling Wu, movie director of Respiratory system Medicine, declared if the procedure is successful, may effectively reduce the symptoms regarding Chan, however the surgical danger and trouble are very big. Since endobronchial Chan not known circumstances, the actual operation anytime breathing, stroke or asphyxiation may hemoptysis, but Microsoft. Chen made a decision to accept the particular surgery.

Surgical treatment, doctors extreme caution, into the manual wire, deliver inserter, eluting stent. Right after tracheal stent distraction, Milliseconds. Chen treated to say: "Doctor, I feel much more comfortable! "

Chunling Wu released, tracheal stenting can be used chest, esophagus or even airway brought on by other reasons for stenosis, alleviate their upper body tightness, lack of breathing symptoms, prevent suffocation, obtain time and chance for follow-up therapy.

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