CCTV "Dialogue" Yiwu "electricity supplier for-city"

SECURITY CAMERA Financial Station "dialogue" unique program is going to be broadcast this evening, "world capacity to it Yiwu",yiwu market Yiwu Concentrate "electricity provider change town, global possibilities. "


The actual "world terms Yiwu electrical power supplier" system to "change electricity dealer market, worldwide opportunities" since the theme, concentrating on the traditional web industry, the effect of actual physical market subjects such as website for ideological confrontation. Yiwu, the planet's largest product market to discover its own route of advancement --- "electricity supplier for-market": through the progress e-commerce, the actual Yiwu products sold to the particular national system, Yiwu Sourcing Agentto sell towards the world, Yiwu market, Yiwu Commodity open up a new station, "for" for the new marketplace space. Yiwu is the tour's electricity company can make exactly what contribution, along with nowadays individuals are very worried about cross-border commerce en ligne trade, logistics and show cost, large data along with other topics, these types of wonderful solutions can be found in this program.

Current "world words Yiwu electricity supplier" program can also be starting to depict a better "global village": internet to make the globe bigger, seated at home you can purchase the product globally; at the same time allow the world of ecommerce smaller, residing at home may use their energy to create a much better electronic company environment for the lives actual change for the best.

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