Yiwu City traffic police brigade carried out at night, "Temperance driving" action

Yiwu City targeted traffic police groupe carried out in the evening, "Temperance driving" unity regarding action, yiwu china markethowever the advance is released although is still ensnared 3 wine beverage driving individuals.

The night driving under the influence unity involving action dissimilar to the past, ahead of operation begun, Yiwu police force brigade by micro notification to the tastes motor vehicle owners to release specific information to express to operational uses and exploration areas.


6: 00 in which evening, to help participate in things of the law enforcement, the Police Connection in the vicinity of Chouzhou Road and also Mall Route area build card, properly check the motorist of a auto passing the presence of drunk driving site visitors violations.

Reporters on the landscape, several operators to drink couple of wine, and not up to the driving drunk standard was already released after authorities education, for example the driver if a man needed the papers from law enforcement officials hands basically shook hands and fingers.

20: twenty Police Connections suddenly observed a bayonet in front of problem, a car all of the sudden stopped, Yiwu Night Marketjust like the drivers and backed seat frequently position, in that case immediately went up to check out which kommet a all 5. At this time being placed in the pickup's cab is a middle-aged woman, the woman had declined swap situation, he asked have been operating her own. Police force found your car from a key card mouth consumers are sitting in the bed seat of an young man. The 2 main sides deadlocked for a half-hour, the area police force station in a rush to the arena, repeated seduccion, this kid checked away from.

The research, that son a blood vessels alcohol higher level of 0. 42 tommers skærm mg or ml, are making and travelling. It is claimed that the man surnamed Cheng, Wenzhou, 28 years old, with Yiwu complete crystal small business. Together with his pops the night they entertain shoppers, drank many wine, even though driving to choose the police inside investigation connected with drunk driving, he / she stopped along with exchange sites with his mummy, can not assume or possibly be police to discover through.

Often the crowd depicted great idea of the targeted visitors police to examine actions this drinking in addition to driving actions should be treated severely.

It can be understood that the year's "three examinations several rule" steps will be targeted constantly, stringently deal with dui violations. Targeted visitors police écurie official claimed, "Temperance driving" never slackening efforts sometime soon, on the driver train, vacation charter, classes buses, barrel vehicles, scrutiny and penalty of electric autos manned illegitimate behavior can further raise, medium-sized vehicles speeding 30 % if not more and other motorized vehicle speeding in excess of 50% will likely be punished, road driving rate of 200 km and h, typical road acceleration of one hundred thirty five km suggestions h, will probably revoke often the driving license.

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