Yiwu strengthen safety management ponds and reservoirs

Because the MOD, Yiwu continuous rainwater, has joined the main avalanche season, an array of rainfall slowly increased the actual intensity associated with rainfall can also be significantly improved.Reporter through Yiwu City and county Flood Manage and Drought Prevention Head office learned that since yesterday,yiwu market Yiwu average rain fall of one hundred twenty mm, 133 mm back house, within the river 135 mm. These days, Yiwu continues to be moderate in order to heavy rainfall, flood time of year will be the most powerful continuous down pours process.

Presently, Yiwu fish ponds and tank levels are usually higher, plus some reservoir level flood manage level. Fish ponds and reservoirs at a higher level for a long time to operate, easy to harmful situations. To guarantee the safety regarding ponds as well as reservoirs, overflow control and also drought avoidance headquarters released an important notice to any or all relevant divisions require additional improve security management wetlands and reservoirs, strengthen guidance and examination, timely protection situation fish ponds and reservoirs, problems along with rectification, the particular feedback on paper to the anatomist departments in addition to management models.

Each division will reinforce industry rules and specialized guidance,direction and architectural authorities, administration control products to firmly implement water tank operation strategy. Yiwu Jewelry MarketAll over ton water level from the reservoir, to lessen the water degree in accordance with typically the established functional scheme, based on the downstream water water capability, the use of weighty rainfall difference staggering chance, timely deluge control stage reservoir level dropped beneath with adequate storage capacity, get ready for flood-peak as well as late.

Yiwu City Avalanche Control and also Drought Avoidance Headquarters advised all localities to seriously implement often the ponds along with reservoirs Yiwu inspection program, the high-water ponds in addition to reservoirs run according to the amount of inspections specific encryption, large rainfall, the actual inspection personnel to twenty four hours in the collection inspections. Drinking water sector to consider thorough analysis, random inspections, spot bank checks, etc ., to excercise the execution of the assessment system investigations.

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